Phyllis Krystal

‚Surrender, trust and accept‘, that is, ‚I surrender to the High C who knows best what I need; I trust It to bring about whatever that may be; and I will accept whatever may occur, whether I like it or not!‘


From the beginning, Phyllis Krystal’s life (May, 11th, 1914 – December, 10th, 2016) had been characterized by her interest in fundamental and profound questions concerning the human existence. Already in the 1950’s, living in the United States as a wife and mother, she began with her friend Virginia using the “waking dream technique” to find answers to some of these questions. It was during the course of this work that the Phyllis Krystal Method®, named after her, arose. During her very long life, Phyllis gave innumerable trainings, seminars and individual sessions around the world, helping to develop and spread this Method. Thanks to her tireless dedication well into her very senior years, she helped innumerable people and clients to free themselves and find real meaning in their lives.

(c) Foto: Phyllis Krystal Foundation